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04.06.2015 - Comments Off on On the boards XI

On the boards XI


Our new lighting project in Trikala is in the construction phase and soon will be ready!

22.05.2015 - Comments Off on On the boards X

On the boards X


Exterior lighting for a house in Marousi (Athens). Raytraced using Relux.

04.09.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards IX

On the boards IX


Exterior lighting for a house in Tirana (Albania). Raytraced using Relux. The built-in version of Radiance (called Vision) seems outdated and slow, but it's easy to use and reliable.

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26.03.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards VIII

On the boards VIII

Small museum in downtown Athens. DIALux Evo’s “scenes” is a very handy and useful feature.

24.03.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards VII

On the boards VII


The ultimate challenge for those involved in the lighting design process is quick & reliable imaging of the ideas without the hassle of using sophisticated, expensive and time-consuming software like 3Dstudio, Rhino, Maya, etc.

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18.03.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards VI

On the boards VI

Residence in Athens. Using videos or (even better) interactive apps featuring movement is a very effective and straightforward way to present your work to clients. On the plus side, you won’t have to destroy a forest to print over-designed, badly-designed, confusing presentations!

17.05.2013 - Comments Off on On the boards V

On the boards V


Cultural centre in Greece. Tip: Sketchup is a great alternative when you need quick & decent imaging of artificial light (avoiding all the 3D Max mess).

08.03.2013 - Comments Off on On the boards IV

On the boards IV


Office in Abu-Dhabi. DL EVO generates a decent result but has two major drawbacks: a) it’s a genuine resource killer, and b) it has an outdated calculation engine. Saving this project along with the calculations but without any furniture creates a 102 MB file. Give me a break!

16.10.2012 - Comments Off on On the boards I

On the boards I


We participated in a competition to illuminate the facades of four historic buildings in Athens (typical examples of 19th and early 20th century architecture). Irrespective of whether we win or not, we put forward a very good proposal and enjoyed the process immensely.