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02.12.2015 - Comments Off on On the boards XIV

On the boards XIV


In late October the new H&M flagship store in Athens downtown (Ermou str.) opened its doors to the public. After almost three months of intensive restoration and construction works, the early 20th century building regained its old glory. L4A did the lighting design of both the commercial spaces and the facades.

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04.06.2015 - Comments Off on On the boards XI

On the boards XI


Our new lighting project in Trikala is in the construction phase and soon will be ready!

22.05.2015 - Comments Off on On the boards X

On the boards X


Exterior lighting for a house in Marousi (Athens). Raytraced using Relux.

04.09.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards IX

On the boards IX


Exterior lighting for a house in Tirana (Albania). Raytraced using Relux. The built-in version of Radiance (called Vision) seems outdated and slow, but it's easy to use and reliable.

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26.03.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards VIII

On the boards VIII

Small museum in downtown Athens. DIALux Evo’s “scenes” is a very handy and useful feature.

24.03.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards VII

On the boards VII


The ultimate challenge for those involved in the lighting design process is quick & reliable imaging of the ideas without the hassle of using sophisticated, expensive and time-consuming software like 3Dstudio, Rhino, Maya, etc.

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18.03.2014 - Comments Off on On the boards VI

On the boards VI

Residence in Athens. Using videos or (even better) interactive apps featuring movement is a very effective and straightforward way to present your work to clients. On the plus side, you won’t have to destroy a forest to print over-designed, badly-designed, confusing presentations!

17.05.2013 - Comments Off on On the boards V

On the boards V


Cultural centre in Greece. Tip: Sketchup is a great alternative when you need quick & decent imaging of artificial light (avoiding all the 3D Max mess).

08.03.2013 - Comments Off on On the boards IV

On the boards IV


Office in Abu-Dhabi. DL EVO generates a decent result but has two major drawbacks: a) it’s a genuine resource killer, and b) it has an outdated calculation engine. Saving this project along with the calculations but without any furniture creates a 102 MB file. Give me a break!