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Cooperative bank of Thessaly

The project is the main building of the Cooperative Bank of Thessaly, a construction of 900 square meters in the city of Trikala. Key design criteria, from the period of the relevant architectural competition constituted: a) high quality working environment, b) the creation of an “emblematic” building, crucial to the new corporate identity of the Bank with functional and figure elements capable of constituting upgrade tools of all the Bank’s branch stores. As far as the composition, the building set up is based on the creation of a central glass canopied atrium core, which penetrates vertically throughout the building. This provides the possibility of “internal” natural lighting for the mass of functions of public service spaces on the ground floor and office spaces on the upper levels. It also encourages the bioclimatic, thermal behavior of the building, as well as the transversal ventilation, with the aim of reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, it provides the reference to an organic center performing spatially a sense of copresence of customers and employees and especially for the latter, a sense of participation in cooperative groups. Correlated with the performance of corporate identity, but also with the intention of a bioclimatic orientated building, is the selection of building materials. Specifically, that of the facades cladding with pre-oxidized copper sheets. Its characteristic attribute, the uninterrupted physi-cal and pulsed change of coloring is expected to constitute an aesthetic reference for the image of the city, a new “landmark”. This “green”  skin of the building varies obeying the internal requirements of the spaces, “turns”  to the city, “receives”  the public space, becomes permeable to natural light, transforms, in analogy to its basic component material, which is copper, similarly variable. The artificial lighting of the building is based on the use of led lamps 4000 K (daylight), for maximum energy saving, visual comfort and optimum color performance and texture of the materials. Respectively, the external lighting of the building is implemented by waterproof led lamps fully embedded to the architectural elements of the building in order to enhance the plasticity of the shell during the night. All images courtesy of ARSIS Architects. Used under permission.

ClientCooperative bank of Thessaly
Architectural studyARSIS Architects
Construction contractorSOLIS S.A.
Photos: K. Katsianis